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I Hate My Hair, PT 2

The less common but more interesting comment I hear when it comes to women not liking their natural hair is simply due to it's texture. This is where I feel the least helpful, because this stems deeper and beyond the surface of my expertise. What's even more disheartening is the women who have voiced this to me are the women who have healthy growing thick and beautiful hair. There is absolutely nothing wrong with their hair besides the dislike of the curl pattern and texture.

I have been spending some time in my thoughts on how to redirect someone with this perception about their hair. I have not ever been in this position so I am not able to relate emotionally. I've always appreciated my hair. The only time I hated my hair was when it was damaged due to over-processing it with chemicals or undergoing postpartum hair loss after having my daughter. Sure there are some aesthetics that I have admired in other natural curly women, specifically density, but all in all, I just appreciate healthy hair.

I have clients who are struggling emotionally with Alopecia, chemical damage, unexpected hair loss due to unknown medical issues, etc. When I see and listen to the tone of this conversation, this helps me appreciate my hair even more. This could easily be me. I would hope if you are a person who has a head full of beautiful and healthy hair and you hate your texture, just be happy you have hair. Because when it comes to the women who are struggling with Alopecia, damage, or any type of hair loss, YOU ARE THEIR HAIR GOALS! YOU ARE A WALKING INSPIRATION!

Just because someone doesn't stop you to acknowledge it, doesn't mean you are not. Sometimes we take so many things for granted until we no longer have it, because it's conveniently at our leisure.

Let's try this, everyday, find one thing you absolutely love about your hair. Identify what that one thing is and tell yourself the reason why. Then move on to the next thing you love about your hair. This is why it's important to glorify the things you love about yourself to diminish the small things that you don't. If you constantly pour things into your mind of what you don't love about yourself, they will continue to grow and overshadow the beautiful things that make who you are.

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