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Jojoba has a reputation for being the closest natural thing to the oils your scalp naturally produces making it a versatile ingredient beneficial for normalizing all scalp and hair types. No matter if you have dry, combination, or oily scalp; or low, medium or high porosity hair, the Jojoba Healing Hair & Scalp Butter is perfect for you!

The Jojoba Healing Hair & Scalp Butter is created to be light-weight to prevent pores in scalp from clogging as well as weighing your hair down with heavy ingredients. Because of its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, Jojoba Healing Hair & Scalp Butter is great for anyone who suffers from psoriasis, eczema, or dandruff in the scalp which causes hair loss and prevents the scalp from being balanced to promote hair growth. Jojoba serves as a great moisturizing product to help soothe inflammation and swelling in the scalp and calms irritation and itchiness in the scalp.



Use as needed to balance dry or oily hair and scalp.



Pure Organic Natural Jojoba Butter, Pure Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Rosemary Oil, Sesame Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pure Organic Cold Pressed Onion Seed Oil, Orange Essential Oil

Jojoba Healing Hair & Scalp Butter

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    • Store in cool dark area or room temperature 
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