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How to Avoid Unexpected a la carte charges at Your Appointment

“How to Avoid Unexpected a la carte charges”

Hair Salons typically have starting prices for services. Prices may increase depending on the length and density of your hair; however, in some cases, the price may increase depending on how you show up or how well you are prepared for your appointment. Today I’m going to share with you how you can avoid paying more for your hair appointment than you planned for.

Schedule an In-Salon Consultation

In-Salon Consultations not only allow you and your Hairstylist to discuss your hair vision or the hairstyle you are hoping to achieve for your future appointment, but you have an opportunity to discuss a price range of how much your hair will cost based off your length, density, and select style of choice prior to your hair appointment. You will have an opportunity to discuss any additional services you may need without having to find out at your appointment unexpectedly.

Prepare Hair Prior

If you are scheduled for a Shampoo/Style, come with your hair properly prepared to go straight to the Shampoo Bowl. If you have any twists, braids, bantu knots, or any style that needs to come down, have it all taken down before your hair appointment. Hairstylists will charge you additional fees for having to do anything additional outside of what you are scheduled for. Detangling/Brushing your hair prior is also very important as well even if you have just taken out a protective style. If your hairstylist proceeds to take you straight to the shampoo bowl and clean your hair after you have removed a protective style without detangling prior, you will end up with a hot matted mess. Since most hairstylists are aware this can happen, they will have to brush/detangle your hair prior which creates additional time and an additional fee added to your tab.

Stick to your Hair Care Routine

Stay on top of your trims, cuts, treatments, chemical services, etc. I can’t tell you the number of clients I have scheduled for only a Silk Press and need a Haircut desperately afterwards. Most clients aren’t expecting to receive a Haircut at their appointment and most don’t want the shears anywhere near their head especially when they are growing their hair lol! Receiving a Haircut unexpectedly along with your service is an additional unexpected a la carte charge. It can be avoided by keeping up with your last haircut and carefully paying attention to your hair and how it’s behaving. Is it tangling more, shedding, frizzier than usual, dryer, etc.? Listen to your hair, it will tell you what it lacks and needs. You can avoid a la carte charges by nurturing your hair in between appointments by asking your hairstylist how to upkeep your hair in the meantime until you see him/her again.

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