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At The Vintage Hipster, it's all about creating an experience that's relaxing, therapeutic, and memorable! Clients can enjoy the luxury of lying down flat while receiving the best shampoo experience of their life! I also provide Organic Hair Spa Treatments such as: Detoxifying Scalp Scrubs, Rose Water Steam Treatments, Organic Tea Rinses to rebalance and restore the pH level in your scalp and hair which are all created by me! 

My specialties are Natural Hair Care, Bridal Updos, and Hair Extensions! I also offer Chemical Services such as Relaxers and Color Treatments. Whatever suits your lifestyle is what matters most! You can enjoy the benefits of healthy hair that is chemically treated by properly taking care of your hair with the right treatments!

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If you have tested positive for COVID, even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME & QUARANTINE! If you have a future appointment before 10-14 days while quarantining, in order to avoid a late cancelation fee, PLEASE CANCEL your appointment until you have quarantined and received a negative test result.


If you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID and you received a negative result, STAY HOME & cancel your appointment. You are still being exposed to that person since you and that person live together, so you can very well get COVID while they are still positive and contagious.


If you have been hanging out with a friend who lives with a person that tested positive for COVID, please go and get tested. If you receive a negative result, please share the results with me and you can keep your appointment. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your results with me, cancel your appointment and stay home and quarantine for 10 -14 days.


I have a family to protect and so do the clients that come to my salon to get their hair done. Please DO NOT come to the hair salon and get your hair done if you are positive with no symptoms or been exposed to someone who is positive!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this important update! Continue to practice social distancing, wear your masks, and quarantine if you are positive or been exposed to COVID.



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"With A Hipster Girl"? All Natural Hair Products are created to restore and balance the pH level in your scalp and hair! View Below!

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Avocado Healing Hair Mask

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Hair Healing Treatment

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